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Bread Pal Featured in SHAPE Magazine, March 2017


We are proud to have the Bread Pal featured in SHAPE Magazine!

The following article was published in the March 2017 issue of SHAPE Magazine. The Bread Pal was featured along with other high quality products.

The Best Artisan Breads

What is it that makes artisan bread, artisan bread?Artisan bread is a term to describe bread that was made as an individual creation, as a work of art, as the name implies. It’s a contrast to commercial breads that are mass produced so that millions of products look the exact same, and there’s not unique [...]

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​Most Popular Breads for Bake Sales

Preparing for a bake sale can be frustrating sometimes. It can seem like there’s a lot to get done in a very short period of time. There are also a lot of choices to make, and picking the right bake sale items is key. And if you're like most families, you don't find out about [...]

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​Why Homemade Bread is Healthier than Store Bought

There are many ways that homemade bread is superior to bread bought off the shelf at the grocery store.Taste, of course, is number one. Freshness is another reason.But homemade bread is not only better quality it is also better for you.When you make your own bread you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in each [...]

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Bread Toppings

There’s nothing better than eating a fresh slice of homemade bread. Except for maybe one thing – covering that slice of bread with an equally delicious topping. By changing the topping you can create a new taste for your bread.Here are a few of the most popular bread toppings.Garlic butter – This is a favorite [...]

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​Inspiring Ways to use Stale Bread

When you’re making fresh, homemade bread you’ll will seldom have leftovers. But on the rare occasion when you do; here are a few ways you can use up those last few slices.Bread crumbs – Toast the bread and then crumble it up as a topping. You can use this on top of a casserole or [...]

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What You Need for a Fully Equipped Bread Making Kitchen

Bread making is a great hobby to try. But just like a painter can’t be expected to work without a canvas, there are plenty of things you will need before you can dabble in the culinary arts.Some bread can be made with basic kitchen supplies that you already have around the house. But as you [...]

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​Baking Bread With Your Children

Having an activity that you can do with your children is an important way to bond. One of the most timeless treasures a family can share is baking together in the kitchen.Teaching children how to bake started long ago, for practical reasons. There was a time when hardly anyone went out to eat, everyone ate [...]

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​Seven of the Most Popular Types of Homemade Bread

Bread is one of the most popular types of food. It's fairly inexpensive, plentiful, tastes good, and is extremely versatile. But while store bought bread is okay -- homemade bread is on a completely different level. It's not only cheaper and healthier but it just tastes better.But with all the different kinds of bread available [...]

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The Five Most Popular Bread Machines

Bread maker machines are becoming increasingly more popular. It’s now easier than ever to make bread at home. But with so many bread making machines available, it can be hard to decide which one to buy.Below are the top five bread makers in terms of popularity, and customer reviews. Number 5: West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise [...]

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